A new generation of lawyers with an intercultural approach was promoted

Edgar LavĂ­n - martes, julio 04, 2017

Since we started our Indigenous Universities program in 2010 to research about the ways Law is taught at schools located at indigenous regions, we acknowledge the necessity to adapt Law programs to better fit the specific needs of Mexican indigenous folk. Therefore, our team of researchers assembled a multidisciplinary and collaborative group to develop a Bachelor of Laws with Intercultural Approach. 


Four universities are already providing Law programs based on the curricula designed by this work team:  Universidad Intercultural de Chiapas  (UNICH), Universidad Intercultural del Estado de Puebla (UIEP),  Universidad Intercultural del Estado de Tabasco (UIET) and, as of March this year, the Universidad Veracruzana Intercultural (UVI) released a multicultural Law program under the name 'Licenciatura en Derecho con enfoque de Pluralismo Jurídico'. 


We'd also like to congratulate and let you know, that the first generation of Lawyers with an intercultural approach (2013-2017) was just promoted at the end of this academic term at UNICH, Campus Oxchuc and Las Margaritas in Chiapas.