We reach out to criminal system professionals as they are the touchstone to transition

Edgar LavĂ­n - martes, julio 04, 2017
Since 2008, we are committed to collaborating in the transition to the current criminal system, by improving training for Law students, officers, aspirants and all professionals involved with its operation through our Justice Reform Program. 

To this extent, we led the creation of the Diagnostics Exam on Skills and Knowledge of the Adversarial Criminal Justice System (EXSIPA). After the third application of the EXSIPA on June 24th, we reached almost 500 Law students, graduates and other professionals involved in the operation of the Adversarial Criminal Justice System in Mexico. 

We carry on our competency-based teachers' training, and as of June, our team of educators will be teaching a course at the Instituto de la Judicatura, customized to suit the trainers who provide continuous education at the Supreme Court of Justice in Nuevo Leon. 

Likewise, we are currently focused on developing our new online courses platform, in order to expand our scope and make it easier for educators and legal professionals all over the country to access our training programs, and to get the most of our educational resources.

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