We carry out human rights training and workshops for Law educators across the country

Edgar LavĂ­n - martes, julio 04, 2017

After the human rights constitutional amend in 2011, Mexico's legal system shifted its paradigms however, these changes were not yet reflected in the way human rights are taught.
We founded our Human Rights Program in 2015 with a research and educators team. With their leadership, we assembled an inter-institutional work team to run a diagnosis throughout Law programs to ultimately, design 2 human rights academic programs to be included in the LLB curriculum. 
After developing an educators' training strategy, we are now teaching a series of educational techniques courses, which we have already carried out 3 out of 5 workshops conceived for professors and human rights promoters in Chiapas, Puebla, and Guadalajara.
Meanwhile, we are currently working on a handbook for Human Rights educators, which is to be released during the second semester of this year (DTB) and will be available to download directly from our website for free. 

These activities add up to the 2nd stage of the project:”Fortaleciendo las capacidades de las universidades mexicanas para ofrecer a los futuros abogados una enseñanza integral, transversal y pertinente en derechos humanos. We look forward to making this courses available online!

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