We promote lawfulness among university students, educators, and faculty members

Edgar LavĂ­n - martes, julio 04, 2017
Through our Culture of Legality Program, we raise awareness on the relevance of lawfulness overall society. We encourage the observance of law and we promote the development of social projects among university students and Faculty members. 

Since we started this program in 2010, our multidisciplinary team has designed several educational tools to complement the university subject we designed that has already reached more than 12,000 students. 

We held the 7º Culture of Legality Student projects' award in February this year, which is a space for students from different regions to share their experiences during and after the implementation the social projects they designed.

Through our Culture of Legality program, students pilot initiatives that drive, faculty and staff from universities, closer to their communities into social transformation. To date, we are working on the compilation of all culture of legality student projects to create a public record of their projects and the communities they were carried on.

We also funnel our efforts on training not only teachers, but faculty members in the universities where this subject is being taught. So far this year, we have given our trainers workshop to 39 universities located in 4 out the 6 regions of the National Association of Higher Education Institutions (ANUIES), brought together thanks to an agreement we signed earlier this year, to develop several training projects.

Aiming to expand the scope of our trainers' workshop, we will eventually adapt its contents to our forthcoming online platform.

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